About Us

Indian women look at their gracious best when they are clad in six yards of grace – Saree. Wearing a saree is not only a celebration of your Indianess, but it is the apt way to draw praises for your style quotient. Every Indian state has a specialty or two when it comes to beautiful Indian sarees. And when taking about West Bengal, handloom sarees are a modern day craze. They are not only gracious, but soft and comfortable as well.

If you are looking for the trendiest and prettiest West Bengal handloom sarees, then you are at the right place. Established on March 31, 2012, Urvii  has been selling the choicest collection of handloom sarees to its customers. The story of Urvii is indeed amazing. Urvii Store is the brainchild of ex-banker and handloom saree enthusiast – Pritha Gupta. Pritha was always amazed by the versatility of West Bengal’s handloom sarees and felt that somehow their true potential was not exposed to the saree lovers worldwide!

So, she formed Urvii to promote the virtues of West Bengal’s handloom sarees. In the early days, she utilized the most powerful social platform of the times – Facebook, to meet this end. And within a few months, she had already mustered thousands of likes to her page. In those days, Urvii used Facebook as the single selling platform. As the word spread around, thousands more liked our website. And today we have more than 35,000 followers to our Facebook page.

Many of our present day patrons, have been with us since Urvii’s inception. They have been our support mechanism and motivated us to improve our services even further. Today, we have progressed beyond our collection of sarees to stoles, bags and other style items. Starting out with West Bengal only deliveries, today we are delivering the joys of West Bengal handloom to the people around the world.

Style connoisseurs are ever on the search for something new! And at Urvii we try never to disappoint them. One of our innovative products are the Jugalbandi sarees. What are these? They are a perfect blending of the Gujarati Ajrakh prints and West Bengal’s tie and dye. The resulting saree is a pure treat to the eyes. There are many other treats waiting for your exploration!

At Urvii, we are not just an entrepreneur with an intent for profit, we love to work with West Bengal handloom sarees. Our aim is to help every Indian women experience the beauty of these handloom sarees. We guarantee high quality and service to each of our customers. One-time sales are never our forte, we want to build long term relations with each and every customer.

If you want to truly adorn yourself with the best saree collections, then visit our Products. We bet you would like most of our collection.